Worship Ministry

As a church that is committed to worshipping the One true God authentically through singing, praising, and living boldly and confidently the eternal truths that are found in the Scriptures, our worship ministry seeks to serve the people of Monument Hill Church by leading in God honoring, Scripture-filled worship gatherings, using both the best of modern worship music and of the ancient hymn tradition, with musical styles that support and encourage the people of God to worship in spirit and in truth. We seek to use worship music that communicates biblically sound and theologically deep truth that is lyrically and musically accessible and artistically excellent.

We believe that it is important to sing together as a congregation to encourage one another and remind each other that we are not alone in our walk with the Lord. We are a growing church that need one another and to hear one another sing confidently the truths of our God found in Scripture. We would love for you to join us in praise to our Great God and Savior.