Our Team

God has put together a wonderful team of individuals who love God, love the church, and love one another. Our goal is to lead MHC in a humble, loving, patient, gentle, and biblical way in the specific area that God has called us to. We look forward to getting to know you soon!

Pastors and Elders

Caleb Nedimyer
Caleb NedimyerLead Pastor/Elder
Get to know Pastor Caleb
Jim Dernell
Jim DernellFamily and Discipleship Pastor
Get to know Pastor Jim
Allan Wright
Allan WrightLay Elder
Guy Varland
Guy VarlandLay Elder
Jeff Gordy
Jeff GordyLay Elder

Support Staff

Claire Wright
Claire WrightAdministrative Assistant
Diane Bachman
Diane BachmanPreschool Director
Pat Sheppard
Pat SheppardTechnical Director
Curtis Christian
Curtis ChristianBuilding and Grounds Director


Joel Deboer
Joel DeboerDeacon of Welcome (First Impressions)
David Gardner
David GardnerDeacon of Service
Kevin Giroux
Kevin GirouxDeacon of Follow-Up (Visitors)
Ross Lubbers
Ross LubbersDeacon Chairman
Harry Sullivan
Harry SullivanDeacon Emeritus
Daniel Wilcoxen
Daniel WilcoxenDeacon of Building and Grounds