Our DNA is what makes us who we are. Our vision, mission, and core identities combine to help us grow and live faithfully to our calling as children of God, individually and together as a church.

Our Vision

To grow as a healthy, biblical church for the glory of God and the joy of all people by treasuring Jesus Christ above all together.

Our Mission

To glorify God by enjoying Him forever as we follow Jesus as His disciples.

4 Core Identities

Our Core Identities are characteristics that we seek to live out in all we do as a church body.

1. Truth

We are a church that is committed to preaching, teaching, and living the eternal truths found in God’s Word in our daily lives and corporately when we gather together.

2. Worship

We are a church that is committed to worshipping the One true God authentically through singing, praising, and living boldly and confidently the eternal truths that are found in the Scriptures.

3. Together

We are a church that is committed to living life together by building Christ honoring relationships, encouraging, learning, praying, and sacrificing for and with  each other, and using the spiritual gifts God has given to build up the body of Jesus Christ.

4. Missions

We are a church that is committed to praying, to giving, to sharing, and to going with the Good News of Jesus Christ both locally and globally in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ from every tribe, nation, people, and tongue.