Growth Groups

Growth Groups are the primary way in which we as a church body connect with one another to develop Christ honoring relationships, learn more about God’s Word as our teachers lead in an interactive Bible study with specific applications for each group, all in a small group setting. All our Growth Groups are multi-generational so that we can learn from one another and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ together. No matter your age or stage of life we have a Growth Group for you and your family.

The name “Growth Group” was selected because we want to grow in four specific areas.

  1.   We want to grow in our knowledge of our God through studying the eternal truths found in the Bible.

2.  We want to grow in Christ honoring, multi-generational relationships within the church.

3.  We want to grow in bringing those who are new or visiting our church into fellowship with us.

4.  We want to grow in discipling the next generation of church leaders.

Each group focuses on these four areas so that by God’s grace we can, as a church and as individuals, grow up into maturity in Jesus Christ.

What do Growth Groups study?

Currently, each Growth Group is using The Gospel Project

When and Where do Growth Groups gather?

Our Growth Groups gather from 9:00-10:15 a.m. on our church campus.

How Do I Join a Growth Group?

There are a number of ways to learn more about our Growth Groups. First, you can contact the church office for a complete list of current Growth Groups. Second, you can contact Pastor Caleb, and he can provide you direction on your Growth Group options. Third, if you arrive at church and are not sure which Growth Group to attend, our greeters will be happy to get you connected.